Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Bleu, bleu le ciel de Provence

The sun always shines while holiday. And it seems to be brighter and warmer in the South of France. It may be due to the food there or the smells or ce je ne sais quoi which is what makes France.... well France. Anyway, our week in Provence was sweet and charming. It was nice to take some time doing nothing or not much and take the day as it comes.

Of course, by "doing nothing" I obviously don't mean nothing at all. I still managed to make a cake with what was on offer in the apartment we rented. No flour, no blender, no yeast, some sugar cubes, a little butter and some rather nice dark chocolate and bananas and ground almonds. And yet, I couldn't resist the urge of experimenting with was I had available. It may not have been my best shot but it tasted nice enough.... or was it the taste of the holiday that made it edible?

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