Sunday, 13 June 2010

Coming soon! Craving ≠1: English pounder cake

Good Spring everyone!

Soon to come on Yummyaourt is my English Pounder Cake served with creme fraiche and berry sauce.

After reading this article on the Guardian website, I couldn't help myself but think about how nice baking a rich, buttery cake would make the packing of our flat. Moving in is great. Moving out is, well, not as great. Living between boxes is not what I call a relaxing environment to live in. But thanks to Andy Connelly and his magical words on the science behind the making of a cake, I have found packing less stressful today.

So please bare with me a few days. I first need to taste the cake to make sure it is suitable to be posted.... . Once that's done and the packing almost coming to an end, I promise to tell you all about it.


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