Saturday, 9 January 2010

9th January is detox!

Christmas is always a fantastic time which seems to make people happier and cheerful. I like that!
Eating lots of cheese with a glass of port, drinking mulled wine after a cold pre-winter day. But what I especially like about December is that it is the month for mince pies. We usually have our first on the 1st December and the last one, whenever we get sick of them. I guess we are now starting to feel this way!

It is now January and it's cold, snowy and the only thing I feel like eating at the moment is comfy food. Warm stews, porridge and lots of piping hot herbals and teas. I am definitely not a winter girl!

So really, what I should be making today is a nice indulgent cake. Warm oven, satisfying piece of sweetness and comfort. A cake should be what I need. But I think I'll leave this to tomorrow.

Don't forget it is January and that I've been indulging for the past weeks. So 9th January is detox! Fruit lassi is the cure. A mix of yogurt, mango, passion fruit and some vanilla pod should give me enough vitamins to fight any undesirable cold. Detox and prevention, all in one drink.

10th January is back to the normal life: Sunday baking!

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