Saturday, 13 June 2009

Afternoon tea on the Island of Gods

First of all, my apology for not feeding Yummyaourt with any new recipe for the past, well 3 months!! Sounds like a long time but not too long to me since I have been extremely busy. Yes, I do have a good enough excuse for my lack of communication.

You see, I got married a month ago (ah, I wish I could travel back in time) which is why I didn't post anything for a while. On top of that, I got married in Bali where we spent the most amazing 3 weeks of our lives. My friends, if you are looking for lots of sun (and sweat), beautiful and chaleourous people,amazing landscapes and great snorkel and of course FANTASTIC FOOD you are only 18 hours away from there. It's definitely worth the journey.

So to share a slice of my wonderful holiday I would like to introduce you to this lovely sweet treat Balinese people call Klepon. This little snack is made from sticky (also called glutinous) rice flour, water and a natural green colouring made from soaked padan leaves.

Once shaped into a well (see photo), these little green dumplings are stuffed with palm sugar syrup then closed and thrown for a few minutes into boiling water.

Klepon are usually served warm topped with grated coconut.

The hotel were we stayed for our honeymoon served Klepon with an apple and raisin spring roll and custard. A real treat!

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