My bibliothèque

I love the idea of being surrounded with lots of cookery books.

Even though I don't always find the time to cook using them as often as I would like to, they are a great source of inspiration for a quick after work meal. I mean, the Silver Spoon for instance is a great encyclopedia full of great recipes and so many different ingredients. And when I don't have the right ingredients at the right moment, flicking through it helps me find a mid-week meal inspiration.

But what I love most is when the weekend comes (or evening dinner parties). Then it becomes interesting! First deciding on the main course: fish, meat or vegetarian? Let's have a look at my books... hum nice picture, my favorite ingredient, sold!

Then, to complement the main dish, a starter or a fairly consistent aperitif.

And la crème de la crème is Le Dessert. This is what I love most! Spending days beforehand finding the best dessert for the occasion and once again going through all my cakey-biscuity-sweety books and magazines. Miam, this once looks good, oh no that one is better... Steve (mon chéri) what do you think???? Ok, let's go for the chocolate mousse (I will post the recipe later on)!

So here is an idea of what is on my cookery bibliothèque shelves:

Chef la recette! by Cyril Lignac

C'est moi qui cuisine, oui chef! Cyril Lignac

Cuisine du Sud-Ouest by Jean Coussau.... where I am from.

British food by Mark Hix

Favoured British recipes by Brian Turner

Food and Cooking Encyclopedia by Harold McGee... A bit of a food geek book but absolutely genius. Great if you want to understand your ingredients and every little steps of the cooking process.

La Bonne Cuisine Française by Succés du livre

Farmhouse Cookery, Recipes from the kitchen by Reader's Digest

The River Cafe Cook Book by Rose Gray and Ruth Rogers

Colour Cookbook by Allegra McEvedy.... great for seasonal meal ideas and such a nice and inspiring person.

Leon. Ingredients and Recipes by Allegra McEvedy. This one is my newest cookery book. Full of recipes, tips and facts about ingredients. Essential! Allegra you are a star!

Happy Days with the Naked Chef by Jamie Oliver

The Silver Spoon by Phaidon..... a must have!

Mushrooms by Johnny Acton and Nick Sandler

Herbs, pocket Encyclopedia by Lesley Bremness

The Cheese Room by Patricia Michelson

Pies and Tarts by Valerie Ferguson

Accro au choco by Cyril Lignac............ by far one of my favorites. Just its title makes me hungry!

Cookies, Biscuits and Biscoti by Linda Collister

What's Cooking chocolate by Jacqueline Bellefontaine

Wine List

French Wines by Robert Joseph

Wine 101 Essential tips by Tom Stevenson